Hempin Ain’t Easy

In 2018 when we began looking into growing hemp and the amazing products derived from the plant, we were excited about the possibilities! Don Zolman did extensive research on genetics, growing processes and all things associated with growing hemp on our farm. Once our hemp application was approved we began ordering lights, hydroponic trays, cloning supplies, fertilizer and the all important clones. The clones arrived in a cooler pack in dry ice with each strain packed in a small styrofoam box. We immediately set to readying them for rooting by strategically trimming the leaves and cutting the stem, dipping it into cloning gel then placing the baby clone in a growing medium known as Rockwool and finally setting it in a tray with water under lights.

Within a few days, the roots began peeking out of the rockwool and growing quickly. We then prepared pots and high quality soil to place the fully rooted clones into. During their time inside the grow room, the hemp plants were under timed grow lights, watered regularly, transferred to soil to aid in growth and overall health.

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