About Us

Zemp was started from the idea of growing and producing a product from our own farms. A product that could help people in multiple ways. We researched and found the many benefits of CBD oil. 

From that research we also discovered that Northern Indiana has the best soils and climate to produce hemp in the world. We started searching for the best genetics to produce the highest quality CBD oil. In that search we came in contact with a geneticist that had developed varieties of hemp that produced the highest levels of cannabinoids in the world. He in turn put us in touch with growers using his genetics so that we could learn from them. That was how Zemp was born.

Why Zemp? Zemp = Quality

There are many products on the market that claim to be CBD oil that are nothing but hemp oil. Hemp oil is made from the grain produced from hemp and will have few if any cannabinoids in it. CBD oil is made from the flowers and leaves of the plant. Collected from the correct genetics, these are very high in cannabinoids. Some companies package soy, corn, or grape seed oil and market it as CBD oil. Never buy CBD oil that is anything other than 100% third party certified. Zemp = Quality. When you buy Zemp, you are buying the highest quality CBD oil available. Quality that is ALWAYS 100% third party certified.

Testing Certificates

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Third Party Certifications

500mg certification
1000mg certification
2500mg certification